To Gluten or not to Gluten

For the last few years gluten has been a very popular topic. With more and more people going gluten-free, I thought it would make for a great thing to discuss. Whether you suffer from celiacs disease, have a minor sensitivity to gluten or just think that all of the gluten hysteria is an overblown fad,
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You Are What You Eat!

One of the most often overlooked things in a person’s life is what they put in their body. It seems simple, but it can be last place a person will look into order to improve their lives. And it all starts with water. If you are not hydrated, your body and mind will have a
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Just 2 Hours a Week!

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you! But what people may not know is that it only takes a limited amount of exercise to have a positive impact on your life. Exercising just 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week can boost your mood and improve your sex life! One of the main
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Group Of Friends Toasting In Tavern

Living Long & Well

Did you know that being active socially can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall health? Research has shown that having a social interaction with friends just once a week can have the same positive impact on your psyche as getting a $10,000 a year raise. That is just amazing! The positive impact of
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