Getting the Knots Out.

Wednesday morning was my first experience with a chiropractor…

and I loved it!

After tweaking my back in the worst way and felt I was hitting a dead end on healing (ibuprofen and ice/heat can’t fix everything!) – I finally made a decision to help me get back to my normal self. With anything “new”, I was slightly nervous but even more excited because I had a gut feeling this was exactly where I needed to be… And it was. Everything Dr. S. said rang true and I couldn’t help but grin like a fool because of how spot on everything was. Long story short, there is some imbalance in my lower back/pelvis/hips, and my right side was over compensating for the left. Before the chiro, I could feel a deposit of something in my back, about the size of a small pebble. Turns out, it was scar tissue build-up

Treatment ended up being one, helluva massage on my lower back/glutes and one nice adjustment on my left side! Monday I go in for my second (and hopefully last!) adjustment/massage. The best part? Dr. S. said I should be back to CrossFit in no time. *thank goodness*


As funny as it sounds, life just hasn’t been the same without some WOD-killing. And I miss my friends. Plus, I’m a little said I don’t get to do one last WOD with my girl, Alex. She’s heading off to college down in the Twin Cities! Such an amazing journey for her to start, and I am still excited to do some Saturday WODs with her throughout spring semester.

With 3 weeks away from CrossFit, things around here have lost their lovely, toned look, so I’m excited to get that strong feeling back in my bones. The time off was much needed, especially when I didn’t want to hurt myself more. But now I’m ready to be back. Ready to be moving again. But until then, its short runs and long walks.

Off to finish packing! Cities, here we come!

Has an injury ever challenged you more mentally than physically? 

11 thoughts on “Getting the Knots Out.

  1. Laura Likes Design says:

    I totally used to think chiropractors were a waste of time and money until I got my neck and hip out of whack over the summer. Now, I look forward to going because I know it helps so much!

    SO GREAT to meet you this weekend! Can’t wait for our roadtrip next fall!

    • Kelsey says:

      I had the same mindset! And I think after all the driving and what not this week, I should make another appointment. It’s feeling a little out of whack!

      And I’m SO GLAD we were able to meet, especially at such an amazing HLS! And next September can’t come soon enough!

    • Kelsey says:

      Girl, I would highly HIGHLY recommend it! That is where my pain was and my chiro made it better almost instantly! Especially with our CrossFit workouts, I think they are pretty amazing!

  2. alexkenzielife says:

    I go to a chiropractor every week to regular adjustments and it’s been such a huge help for me, not only on a purely physical basis (with lower back pain and such), but my overall health since he’s a maximized living doctor. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. olivetorun says:

    When I was battling some IT band, tightness in my hamstrings/calves I went to a chiropractor but it was for Active Release Therapy and it was HEAVENLY! I loved it!

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