Thinking Out Loud / #2

What happens when you are on vacation in Florida and your mom doesn’t believe in Internet? A surprise hiatus from the blog world. While is hasn’t been too long that I’ve been “back” since finishing classes, I was stoked to have time to work on blog business whilst on vacation, but alas, I just had to sit back and relax (darn…).

So here I am, coming back full-force to join Amanda and many other bloggers on getting rid of the random ramblings we hold in our head for most of the week. Here is my Thinking Out Loud for the week. =)


1. Well, in one day I went from sunshine and low 60’s to dreary skies and negative temps. I guess it can only be expected when you live in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

IMG_3406 IMG_3416 IMG_3424

2. Coming home is all levels of bittersweet. Bitter part – leaving my mama. After becoming an “adult”, our relationship is the best it has ever been. She is my go-to person when I need advice and is always there to listen to my thoughts and celebrate my accomplishments. The sweet part – especially coming home this time – is spending the night with my amazing cousin, her husband, and their Little Miss H. I’m so excited. And the sweetest part? Getting home tomorrow night and finally seeing my M!

IMG_3438 IMG_3451

3. Pretty sure I need to jump into Becky’s Treat Yourself Tuesday link-up next week because of all the goodies I happened to acquire while on my trip.

4. My mom and I went to Panera three times in a matter of 4 days, and I am TOTALLY okay with that. Can’t imagine what will happen when our Duluth location opens!

IMG_3364 IMG_3380 IMG_3403

5. I am beyond ready to get back at it with CrossFit. So ready that on Monday night, I had an entire dream about CrossFit and my gym! While I’ve been missing the crazy workouts (you can only get so pumped up for a travel WOD by yourself…), I’ve been missing my CFA family even more. I posted on Facebook about my dream, and received comments that I’ve been missed, which is ALWAYS a good feeling.

6. Even thought I LOVED being in warm(er) weather for the past 1oish days, I don’t know if it is somewhere I could call home. Despite how much I dislike the bitter cold and negative temps, winter brings a certain energy into my life that I don’t think I could leave behind. M has talked about Alaska (?!) and even Washington, and I’ve brought up Utah. I think we are getting a bit of an itch to move (at some point), so its fun to toss around different homes.

7. I loved how much free time I had to journal during my trip. Literally the best part of every day, along with a chai tea latte, with almond milk + coconut creamer!

8. I FOUND REPLACEMENT BLACK SKINNY JEANS! And yes, that required all caps. My old skinnies were wearing out and had turned into more of a grey than a true black.


9. Time changes are weird. While I was on my flight, I thought there was just an hour left…and then realized my laptop + watch + iPhone were ALL still on East coast time. And that meant I still had two hours. It will be pretty interesting waking up at 6am for the next few days with no alarm.

10. M and I have the day off on Friday, and I’m stoked. It will certainly be an amazing day to spend time together. I’ve missed that kid.

I am so so excited to finally get back to a normal routine and seeing M every day! I’m excited to have my morning routine back and being able to go to CrossFit. Distance does really make the heart grow founder. Especially when it comes to my love, M.

Where do you buy your black skinny jeans? 

Where is your dream place to live? 

What is your go-to meal at Panera Bread? 

16 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud / #2

  1. Shawna says:

    i actually recently got black skinnies at American Eagle and am really happy with them.
    ideal place to live? definitely Cali. love that state…prob float around, ya know…SF for a bit, SD for a bit, SB for a bit…bliss. :)

    • Kelsey says:

      Oh San Fran sounds amazing, especially during this polar vortex. They have actually been have normal weather – something I am totally jealous of!

  2. Amanda @ .running with spoons. says:

    I can definitely relate to becoming a heck of a lot closer with my mom since becoming an adult. It’s actually hard to believe that there was a time where we didn’t get along all that well :shock: Ohhh the joys of being a rebellious teen. And I’m WITH YOU on the cold weather! It’s nice to be in a warmer climate, but I can only handle a week or two of constantly warm weather before I start craving a little bit of snow. I think it has to do with the fact that really hot weather makes me feel super lazy and poofy. Canadians just aren’t cut out for those kind of temps…

    • Kelsey says:

      Lazy definitely happened to me! But hey, that’s what vacation is for! And I know about moms…it is so true for so many of my own friends as well! Happy day to you Amanda.

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