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Do You Have Stressful Thinking Habits?

People who experience stress on a daily basis are often times falling victim to their own thoughts. It can be a vicious cycle that seems never ending. Once you start down that path, the momentum gains and it becomes ever more difficult to turn it around.

One of the most important things a stressful thinker can do is to identify the patterns of thinking that are causing them to be stressful to begin with. This seems like a very simple and basic first step to take, but more often than not it is overlooked by sufferers and loved ones who try to help. Once the stressful thinking habits have been acknowledged, the next step is to fix them!

The easiest thing to do is write down the particulars of the thoughts that trouble you the most. It can be thoughts such as self-diminishing, defending, projecting, generalizing and comparing. You can write down the place the thought occurred, what triggered the thought and the time and circumstances. Doing this for 3 days straight can give great insight into one’s thought process and the effects they  have.

Learning what triggers the negative thoughts can help fight off anxiety, depression and even heart disease! Getting out of one’s own head can have the greatest of benefits.