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Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

There are many positive mental health benefits that can come from physical exercise. New studies are released on a weekly basis that reconfirm this. Are you wanting to boost your overall happiness, alleviate stress or maybe even sharpen your brain? Moving your body can help with all of these! Studies show that regardless of a person’s age or fitness level, making time for exercise provides a major boost above the neck.

When you exercise, there is a chemical reaction that happens in your brain. This reaction is often times referred to as “happy chemicals.” While technically speaking it is the release of endorphins, either way it is the best natural buzz known to mankind. These endorphins are so effective that many doctor’s recommend that people who suffer from anxiety or depression to get some sort exercise multiple times a week. This exercise can be just as effective as antidepressants in treating depression.

Here is a bullet point list of other mental health benefits of exercising:

– Sharpen Memory

– Help Control Addiction

– Be More Productive

– Increase Relaxation

– Alleviate Anxiety

– Improve Self-Confidence

So even though you may see the physical benefits of exercising, there is a much deeper and complex reaction that occurs in the mind that can vastly improve a person’s well being!