To Gluten or not to Gluten

For the last few years gluten has been a very popular topic. With more and more people going gluten-free, I thought it would make for a great thing to discuss. Whether you suffer from celiacs disease, have a minor sensitivity to gluten or just think that all of the gluten hysteria is an overblown fad, I hope all can find this article helpful.

There are some that insist that all of the people who are going gluten free are the same people that went on the Miami diet, Atkins diet, and all of the other seemingly fad diets of the past. And while I agree that there are a lot of people who do not have an adverse reaction to gluten that are choosing to go gluten free, I believe that the gluten free diet is here to stay.

The most important place to look is the food industry. You can go into just about any store or restaurant and find gluten free products. This was not the case just 4 years ago. Which means that the market (people) have demanded these products. And the food industry would have only made such huge concessions if there was a large enough group of people demanding it of them.

One of the most neglected gluten-free industries has long been the beer game. Only in the last couple years has there been a concerted effort by brewers to create quality beers that do not contain gluten. There is a brewery in Spain that even goes so far as to remove the gluten after the brewing process is complete. The end result is a super smooth lager that actually tastes like a real beer!